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The Lighthouse has for century's function as a guide for the navigation at sea; securing that the sailors was on the right course.

Focus on Innovation, Quality an Improvement!

MIConsult is a consultancy company that facilitates the Pharmaceutical and Food Industry turning innovation & quality initiatives and ideas into success. The primary focus is to educate and provide tools to managers and specialists within manufacturing and development. Initiatives should be integrated along with other process orientated improvements like Lean Manufacturing and Six-Sigma. 

MIConsult special competences are within Quality by Design (QbD), Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and process optimization. QbD and PAT integrates methodologies from LEAN e.g. Jidoka and Six-Sigma with monitoring- and control systems (KPI, OEE, SPC). The aim is among other things to focus on enhancing the process information on which knowledge and improvement should be built.


MIConsult, Denmark, Phone +45 2139 0374, Mail@MIConsult.dk

Manufacturing Innovation Consult Shows the Way to the Future  
MIConsult Provides Consultancy to the Pharmaceutical and Food Industry
Special Competences within Process Analytical Technology